Bartridge Farm Holiday Cottage, North Devon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How private are the pool and hot tub?

They are both totally private and for your own use while you stay in the cottage. There are no other cottages on site and nobody else uses the pool. The hot tub is outside and can be seen by anyone passing along the lane (maybe a couple of tractors a day!). The pool has a blind on the main window and reflective glass on the smaller window.

How many people does the cottage hold?

Maximum 4 plus cot. We do not recommend the cottage for 4 adults as the small bunk room is really only suitable for one adult or two children. The cot can be placed in either bedroom.

Can friends visit us?

Friends can visit but cannot use the pool hot tub or stay overnight without prior written permission. This is due to planning, insurance and operational reasons – the pool chemicals and salt chlorinator are electronically monitored and set to cater for the number staying in the cottage.

When can we use the pool and hot tub?

The pool is available after 8.30am and until 10.30pm daily and 8.30am to 9.30am on the last day. If you want to swim outside these times please speak to us first and we will try to accommodate you by doing our chemical checks, cleaning and maintenance at other times. The hot tub is available at similar times however.

Is it a working farm?

The cottage used to be a store for hay, corn and animal feeds while the pool was the home for heavy plough pulling horses. The original farmhouse is next door where we live. The current farmer has his house nearby and the fields around have sheep or cattle in them. We ask guests to keep the gates closed to the cottage to keep all the animals on the right side!

Do you accept pets?


How accessible is the cottage for disabled?

The cottage is built into the side of the hill so there are either steep slopes or steps. There are steps into the pool and onto the decking where the hot tub is. The front door is up three steps.

Where can I smoke?

Smoking is not permitted in the cottage, utility room, pool area or on the raised decking.

Can I walk to the pub?

It is possible to walk to the pub but it does involve a bit of the main road with no footpath. The village shop and post office is accessible by walking over the fields.

What is the weather like?

The west country tends to be wetter and windier than the east but winters are much milder with snow on only a couple of occasions in the past 30 years. The cottage nestles in the side of the valley so is protected from the prevailing south west winds. Summers, spring and autumn are fantastic – hence the prime holiday destination for brits.